Due to budget constraints, the minimum manning of our career staff  has been reduced to a critical level of 5 firefighters per shift.


Here is what reduced staffing means to the average Morristown citizen....


In order for us to meet federal (OSHA) 2in/2out regulations, we need a minimum of six firefighters on duty in order to commence  interior firefighting operations. Four firefighters, one incident commander, and one pump operator. The pump operator and incident commander are not considered part of the 2in/2out rule as a failure to do their jobs would jeopardize the safety of the firefighters on the scene. This means that when five firefighters respond to a structure fire, they are prohibited by federal regulations to enter the burning structure until either mutual aid fire departments or volunteer firefighters arrive on the scene, or unless there is a known savable victim within.


A typical fire doubles in size every 60 seconds. On average it takes 10 to 15 minutes for that additional resources to arrive. To sum it up, less firefighters equals greater property loss, greater risk to our citizens, and greater risk to our firefighters.


In 1960, Engine 2  had a minimum staffing of one firefighter and responded to 127 calls. Fast forward to 2013, Engine 2 has been reduced back to a minimum staffing of one firefighter and responded to 855 calls an increase of  675%!



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